May 9, 2010, 
1:00 p.m.
Centrepointe Theatre
Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Drive
Free Admission
Refreshments provided

Eight months ago, a diverse group of people congregated in a small classroom in the N building of Algonquin College. They were to be the second crop of filmmakers enrolled in the college’s new documentary program.  Their experience was diverse; ranging from veteran members of the public service sector to journalists who have worked overseas, to fresh university graduates looking to enhance their degrees. Motivated by their individual passions they formed strong bonds with their fellow comrades and persevered despite the course's intense work load.

On Sunday May 9th these emerging professionals invite the media, members of the film industry, and the general public to the first annual Algonquin Doc Fest where their work will be publically screened and discussed. The event starts at 1p.m. on and runs until 5p.m.. Food and refreshments will be provided; admission is free. “This is a great opportunity for local filmmakers to come and see the results of this program,“ said Prof. Brenda Rooney. “I am so proud of the caliber of films being presented.“

Over the course of the year, films were presented in film festivals across the country including the Wakefield International Film Festival (WIFF) and in a preview to the Hot Docs festival in Toronto. Another film has been entered into the Cannes Film Festival in their “Short Film Corner”.  Many films were produced internationally by the doc makers, with crews filming in France, Sierra Leone, Haiti, Bosnia and distant locations in the United States. “I can’t believe we drove 4000 Km to get to Utah,” said Jeremy Plante. “Why did we drive to Utah?”
The line-up consists of fourteen films with times ranging between under 2 minutes to 30 minutes.


In order to respect the seating capacity of the theatre,  we are asking that you contact us and request any tickets you might require for the screening. The tickets are still free, we are simply trying our best to avoid any problems that may arise with the capacity of the theatre.

You can request tickets via email :